Band Ensembles

Jordan Regiment 

Jazz Combo Band

Jazz Big Band

Jordan High School's elite competitive marching corps.  Members of the Jordan Regiment are what we call "Musical Athletes" because of the high level of physical demand in addition to the musical demand.  The marching bands from Jordan have a long history of outstanding shows and award-winning performances.  The Jordan Regiment competes in at least five marching band competitions each season (seasons run from August - Early November) as well as representing the school in parades and entertaining crowds at home football games.  This is a "no audition" ensemble but because of the necessities in designing the complex shows students must be signed up for The Jordan Regiment and attend band camp so their spot is secure.
The Jordan Wind Ensemble is our top level concert group typically performing music of a grade 6 thru Masterwork level.  This an audition only ensemble meaning all members must audition each year for entry.  Instrumentation is limited to certain numbers so it can be competitive to get in.  The wind ensemble plays very high level literature and is the destination for students looking for a challenge in their musical skills.  Performances include all yearly concerts and the State MPA festival.
The Jazz Big Band is our large ensemble jazz group comprised of trumpets, trombones, and a variety of saxophones as well as piano, guitar, bass, and drums.  Other instruments such as clarinet or even flute can be featured in many big band pieces.  The Jazz Big Band plays a variety of styles and a variety of pieces.  Performances include all yearly concerts as well as the UNC Jazz Festival and NCSSM Jazz Festival.  There is an audition for this ensemble however those that do not "make" the ensemble can apprentice to learn.

Percussion Ensemble

Wind Ensemble

Symphonic Band

Jazz combos are small jazz ensembles usually consisting of 6-8 members (wind section and rhythm section).  Combos are usually more focused on tune arrangements and further improvisation techniques which is permitted through the small group size.  Student creativity and initiative is of key importance.  Students may form their own jazz combos.  Performances include all yearly concerts as well as the UNC Jazz Festival and NCSSM Jazz Festival.
The Jordan symphonic band is our beginning to intermediate level ensemble performing music typically between the Grade 3 - 5 level.  This is a great place for students looking to refine their skills on an instrument or learn a new instrument.  The symphonic band is featured at all yearly concerts and performs at the State MPA festival.  This is a "no audition" ensemble.
The Jordan percussion ensemble is an afterschool group focused on contemporary percussion literature.  Membership is open to all students interested in learning to play percussion instruments or looking to further advance their skills.  This is a "no audition" ensemble.  Performances are held in the spring.